Pregnant Stray Cat Asks Woman if She Can Let Her Give Birth Inside

Cats don’t talk (obviously), but they’re smart enough to let people around them know what’s going on. In one such recent case, a pregnant momma-to-be asked a kind woman to let her in so she can have the babies inside.

Ida Floreak, a painter from New Orleans, spotted a stray cat wandering in her backyard one day. She came close to her own cat, so Ida decided to feed the cat. She was friendly with her pet and in just a few weeks, the stray was eating from her hand.

It wasn’t long before she realized that the cat she named Salami had a bigger belly than the average cat. She was pregnant and started spending more time around the house. One morning, Salami was on the porch early in the morning. She squeaked and meowed, obviously in distress. Ida realized that she wanted in, and in a few hours, Salami had her babies.

That was just the beginning. In the evening, she gave birth to two more. Ida was super nervous. She’s never done such a thing before, but it all went fine.

She says that Salami was a great mom, and after they grew up, she found homes for all. She kept Salami, though, who gets along great with her cat. We’re happy that the cat was lucky to find a loving mom, and we’re hoping others are as lucky too.