Rescued Ginger Cat Builds a Unique Bond With an Unlikely Friend

An Unlikely Friendship: Mewie the Cat and Nandi the Rhino

Friendships can blossom in the most unexpected places. One such heartwarming tale comes from The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo, South Africa, where a ginger cat named Mewie has formed a remarkable bond with an orphaned rhino, Nandi.

Meet the Caretaker: Jamie Traynor

Jamie Traynor is the dedicated caretaker at this orphanage, specializing in the care of rhinos that have lost their mothers to the scourge of poaching. She also happens to be the rescuer of Mewie, a small ginger kitten she found and nurtured back to full health. Now a fully grown and lovable feline, Mewie roams the sanctuary with an air of curiosity and adventure.

How Nandi Found a Second Home

Nandi arrived at the Rhino Orphanage when she was merely two months old. Her mother had tragically fallen victim to poaching, leaving Nandi alone and vulnerable. Unfortunately, the little rhino began eating sand in her loneliness, causing harm to her digestive system. Thankfully, her rescue was orchestrated by the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation (WHWF), and she was brought to the sanctuary. It was there that Jamie assumed the role of her primary caregiver.


“Part of Nandi’s daily routine involves taking two walks,” explains Jamie. “Mewie has a habit of following me around the facility, so he often accompanies us on these excursions.”

The Blossoming of a Unique Friendship

Mewie and Nandi’s unique friendship started to flourish when Jamie began spending nights in the same room with the young rhino. Observing their interactions, Jamie noted that Nandi was initially curious but quickly grew fond of her feline companion. Mewie, being a daring and fearless cat, reciprocates the affection without any apprehension, despite Nandi being at least ten times his size.


“The two are absolutely inseparable during their afternoon walks. If one takes off running, the other is sure to follow,” says Jamie. “While our walks are primarily for Nandi to graze and exercise, there are moments when Mewie grows tired, and I have to carry him back to the orphanage.”

Both Mewie and Nandi were once lonely, motherless animals. But thanks to their second chances at life, they found each other. Despite their apparent differences, they’ve managed to forge an enduring bond that defies all conventional wisdom.

In a world where unexpected friendships can be the most enriching, Mewie and Nandi remind us that love and companionship know no boundaries. Whether Mewie perceives Nandi as an unusually large cat, or Nandi thinks of Mewie as a miniature, fuzzy rhino is anyone’s guess. What’s certain is that their friendship is a testament to the universal language of affection and care.