Rescued Hissing Feral Cat Finds Love With His Savior

Takis, a man from the island of Crete, has dedicated his life to rescuing abandoned and stray cats and dogs. The island has a large population of animals that wander the streets in malnourished and terrible conditions, and the government and most of the population do nothing. However, Takis decided to make a change and opened an animal shelter in 2013 with his own money. Today, he relies on donations from people around the world to continue his work.

In one of his rescue missions, Takis stumbled upon a stray kitty by the side of the road with a tin can stuck on its head. The cat must have been very hungry, and it was in distress because of the tin can. Takis quickly picked up the cat and took him to his car, where he could safely remove the can.

As soon as Takis removed the can, the cat began to hiss at him. It seemed like Takis had a wild cat on his hands. He had to make a decision: should he let the cat free or take it back to the shelter? The cat appeared to be in good condition, and there were houses nearby, so there was a possibility that it belonged to a family.

Takis decided to let the cat decide whether to stay or go. He opened the car door and counted to ten, and if the cat was still there by the end of the countdown, he would take him home. The cat, surprisingly, stayed in the car, so Takis took him home with him.

After a trip to the vet, it only took Takis five days to transform this hissing kitty into a purring kitty. Takis’ love and care made the cat feel safe and secure. The cat eventually fell in love with Takis, the man who rescued him, and they developed a strong bond.

Takis’ dedication to helping abandoned and stray animals has touched the hearts of people around the world. His story of rescuing a hissing feral cat has inspired many to support his cause. Takis’ shelter continues to provide a safe and loving environment for animals, and his efforts have led to a change in attitude towards animals on the island of Crete. His selflessness and kindness remind us that small acts of kindness can make a significant impact on the world.

In conclusion, Takis’ rescue story of a hissing feral cat showcases the importance of rescuing and caring for abandoned and stray animals. Takis’ efforts have helped animals on the island of Crete, and his story has inspired people around the world to support animal shelters and rescues. His story is a testament to the power of love and kindness towards animals and highlights the impact of small acts of kindness.