Russian Children Book Artist Reimagines Famous Movie Scenes with Cats for Awesome and Joyful Artworks

Have you ever heard of Mikhail Soloviev? If you’re a cat fan and fan of arts, you may have come across his name. Soloviev is a children’s book illustrator that has worked on numerous exciting projects so far. He had brought so much joy and happiness to many children, and in recent times, he’s turned his attention to the adult public as well.

Famous Movie Paintings

Soloviev came up with a very cool idea recently – he’ll immortalize famous movie scenes with cats. These funny parodies have taken the Internet by storm as they should. They represent iconic movie scenes like the one with Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet on Titanic’s deck, but this time reimagined with cats.

Other reimagined movie scenes feature Pulp Fiction, Pretty Woman, and Pirates (or Purrates) of the Caribbean. If you love these movies, you’ll love Soloviev’s artwork too.

Check out the most iconic pieces from this series: