Say Hi to Pico, the Internet’s Favorite Blind Kitty with Big Blue Eyes You Will Fall in Love With

Most people would love to adopt a kitten if they had the space and time for a pet. However, the number of people that would be willing to adopt disabled cats is pretty small. Blind pets need a lot of attention, which is what drives potential adopters away. However, these poor souls deserve a warm home and nice life just as much as any other kitty.

They are just as beautiful as well. Just take a look at Pico, the Internet’s favorite new blind kitten. His strikingly huge eyes have won the hearts of thousands of people online and led to a happy ending to his unfortunate story.

A Miraculous Recovery

Pico, a name given to the kitty due to his tiny size, lived as a stray before he was hit by a car. Luckily, he was found by people who took the dying kitty to the vet. Pico fell into a coma for 3 days, but made a miraculous recovery.

Not long after, he was adopted by Marie-Josee Brisson and her 17-year old daughter who saw him at the vet. They fell in love with the bite-sized kitten at first sight and sighed the paperwork to take him home.

A couple of years later, Pico was diagnosed with glaucoma. There was nothing vets could do, so the kitten was left blind and with unusually large eyes.

A glance at Pico will tell you it’s a completely different cat. The big eyes are pretty unusual, but also very cute. His eyes were green when Pico was hit by a car, but damage to the optic nerve caused the blindness and the unusually big eyes.

That, however, hasn’t stopped Pico from becoming a viral sensation online. Now a 9-year old, Pico has his own TikTok account where you can enjoy his bulging eyes every day. We’re happy that he was given a second chance, and even happier that his owners don’t see his disability as a disadvantage.