Senior Stray Cat Approaches Woman for Aid, Finds Forever Home

The Struggle of Richie, the Senior Stray Cat

Richie, a 10-year-old feline, spent his entire life as a feral cat. Although several people fed him, no one could get close enough to touch him.

old stray cat

Richie’s Mysterious Disappearance

One day, Richie began losing weight. The individuals who fed him attempted to capture him and take him to the veterinarian, but it was futile. He stopped coming for food for a while and seemed to disappear.

feral cat at vet

A Desperate Plea for Help

“He lived a content life as a feral cat. He was fluffy and impeccably clean. A few kind people fed him every day,” Richie’s rescuer told Land of Cats. “He used to wait under my window, but I could only talk to him; I never touched him.”

The rescuer grew concerned when Richie stopped showing up. Eventually, a frail and filthy cat appeared near her window. To her surprise, it was Richie.

cat preparing for vet

Richie’s Road to Recovery

“He approached me and allowed me to pick him up,” the rescuer recalled. She immediately took him to the vet, where he was diagnosed as severely dehydrated, infested with fleas, and covered in oil. His health was precarious, and the vet was unsure if he would survive. Richie required fluid therapy and numerous medications.

After a few weeks of veterinary care, love, and attention, Richie’s health improved, and he was no longer in critical condition. However, he was found to have a mouth tumor, making it impossible for him to return to a feral lifestyle.

cat with blanked

A New Beginning: Richie’s Forever Home

Fortunately, Richie found someone willing to provide him with a permanent home for the remainder of his days. “It took several baths to remove the oil from his fur. We’re unsure how he became so oily,” Richie’s new owner told Land of Cats. “He allowed me to bathe him, as if he knew it was beneficial. He doesn’t fully trust me yet, but he’s content! I can now cuddle him, and he feels secure. He’ll receive endless love and have no more worries. We’re delighted to help him and offer a better life now that he’s older,” shared Richie’s new owner.

richie the cat