Kitten Walks Through a Shelter Door Looking for Help an Attention, Is Now ‘Stuck’ with a Friendly Cat

Chatons Orphelins Montreal is a rescue center from Canada that recently got an unusual guest. A tiny kitten appeared on one man’s door from out of nowhere, meowing to get the owners’ attention. The stray kitten’s momma was nowhere to be found, and it was in obvious need of help. It couldn’t have knocked to a better door. The Chatons Orphelins center was called immediately, and they came pretty quickly, taking the kitten with them.

The kitten was pretty malnourished, but it was content that it was safe. It was obviously in rough shape, so it must have been a big fighter.  The volunteers named her Moxxie and rushed her straight to the shelter’s vet. Moxie was estimated to be around two months old. She had an upper respiratory infection and needed food immediately, but was otherwise in solid shape.

In the following two months, things were touch and go on several occasions. However, Moxxie’s spirit never broke, and she survived. After she got the medical green light, it was off to socialization. That’s where the little girl truly blossomed. It was taken under the wing of 21-year old resident Marscha, who has helped many kittens settle in over the years.

Moxxie was instantly attached to Marscha. They shared some kind of special bond and have been inseparable from day 1. The kitten was obviously in need of a momma, and Marscha plays that role perfectly. Here’s hoping that after Marscha, Moxxie finds the loving home she deserves.