Sir Indiana Bones: Feline Hero and Employee of the Month at America’s Only Skeleton Museum

Meet Sir Indiana Bones: The Feline Guardian of Skeletons

If you ever find yourself wandering through the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma, USA, you might encounter a feline custodian like no other—Sir Indiana Bones, commonly known as Indy. Rescued from a local animal shelter, this majestic black cat has undertaken a role that’s as fascinating as it is unusual. Let’s dive into Indy’s extraordinary life journey and how he’s become a cherished guardian of skeletal history.

From Shelter to Stardom: Finding the Perfect Office Pet


Indy was just another cat in a shelter, hoping for a forever home. Meanwhile, the museum staff—Brenna, Kristin, and Ally—were on their own mission. They were searching for an office pet that would fit seamlessly into their unique workspace. Bringing a dog into a museum full of bones seemed like a conflict waiting to happen! When their eyes landed on Indy, they learned that black cats often face challenges in getting adopted and sometimes even suffer mistreatment. Touched by this, the trio knew they had found their match. Indy was not just going to be an office pet; he was welcomed into their lives, complete with weekend stays at their homes.

The Role of the “Kitty of Skulls”

Once Indy arrived at the museum, he was promptly christened as the “Kitty of Skulls,” a role that comes with great responsibilities. Overseeing more than 450 genuine skeletons, Indy is not just an occupant in the museum. He embarks on daily adventures through labyrinthine displays, sniffs at ancient bones, and even finds comfortable corners to take his much-needed naps. Each day starts with a ritual: Indy scrutinizes the IDs of his human coworkers as they enter the facility. During work hours, he’s skilled at taking over any unoccupied chairs—a habit his colleagues find more amusing than disruptive.

Indy’s charm extends to the museum’s visitors as well. Although he is generally shy, he knows when to turn on the charm for some extra attention and belly rubs. When he caught his first mouse in the museum, he was unanimously named Employee of the Month, a title he accepted with the grace and dignity he carries.

More Than Just a Cat: A Boost to Morale and Museum Security

What began as a quest to uplift the office atmosphere has culminated in the emergence of a beloved mascot. Not only has Indy ensured the safety of the museum’s artifacts, but he has also significantly elevated team morale. As he settles into another cozy skeletal nook for a nap, Sir Indiana Bones closes his eyes, aware that he is much more than a rescued animal. He is a true hero and guardian of historical skeletal treasures.

So, if you ever decide to visit America’s only skeleton museum, look out for its special guardian. Indy’s compelling story and the joy he brings make him a not-to-be-missed attraction, earning him fan mail and fan art from admirers worldwide.