Smart – Woman Travels the World for Free by Applying for Cat-sitting Jobs

You know how some people visit new countries around the world all the time by taking up babysitting jobs? Well, you can do the same by cat-sitting, which is more or less the same thing. That’s what Madolline Gourley from Australia did, touring the US and other countries by applying for cat-sitting jobs. In that way, she’s travelling the world for free.

Madolline is a big cat fan and enterprise writer from Brisbane. She saved nearly $30,000 in accommodation costs in the past few years by finding jobs on the TrustedHouseSitters website. She shares updates about all her cat stories on her blog too, and says her next trip takes her to Canada.


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In order to feed her unusual habit, she works 9-5 between holidays. She puts aside money for air fare and food and bills until her next adventure comes by. It’s definitely a smart way to travel the world for free. Now if we could only learn how to make money for the other stuff and have more time for cat-sitting, that would be great.