Stray Cat Transforms into Cherished Nursing Home Companion

In Cleveland, Ohio, a stray black and white feline named Oreo found a new lease on life at St. Augustine Health Ministries. Quickly, she became a beloved member, bringing a touch of home and a lot of joy to the facility’s residents.

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Winning Hearts at St. Augustine Health Ministries

It didn’t take long for Oreo to win hearts. She quickly became a vital part of the nursing home community, making a deep impression on residents and staff alike. Her presence brought comfort, sparking fond memories of past pets among many residents.

Receptionist Carmen Delgado

Oreo’s Impact: A Comforting Presence

“Oreo is like family,” said receptionist Carmen Delgado, recognizing the stray’s positive influence on both residents and staff. The Director of Advancement noted how Oreo contributed to a homely atmosphere. Her presence was so impactful, staff members carried her photographs, and residents often sought her out for a comforting cuddle.

Receptionist cat

Oreo’s Favorite Spot: A Stray No More

Oreo, despite her stray origins, quickly claimed the nursing home as her permanent home, making a favorite spot at the reception desk. She humorously took on the role of after-hours phone duty. In return for a place to call home, Oreo gifted the residents and staff purrs, cuddles, and companionship, illuminating their daily lives.

cat with woman

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