Stray Kitten Fed by Rescuer One Bite at a Time

When they found stray kitten Mira a month ago in Samos, Greece, she was a sick little kitty who would not eat. Her eyes were shut closed due to a bad infection. This tiny ginger girl ran avoided rescuers from the Greek Cat Rescue when they tried to feed her. She was all skin and bones, so the rescuers were not going to let her starve.

A kind-hearted woman from the rescue group took the kitten home and started to hand feed the kitten one bite at a time. When she commenced, Mira didn’t enjoy it and resisted eating with all the strength she could muster. She was still very frightened and skiddish, but the rescuers were not about to give up on her.

After a few weeks of hard work, Mira started to come around. She began to enjoy the food asides from the medicine which she had to take . Mira is now eating normally and growing leaps and bounds. She is not scared of her caretaker any more and even plays with other cats. When she purrs, she is letting her caretaker know that she is ready for some cuddle time. Her eyes have completely healed up!

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