Woman Gets a Surprising Proposal and It’s All Thanks to a Tiny Kitten

We’ve heard of all kinds of crazy proposals, but one involving a kitten? Never. Proposals usually include a wedding ring, not a kitten. But, that’s what one man did recently for his girlfriend, and it was a priceless moment.

Vanessa Petrasko was the lucky lady. Her now-fiance, Mike Lovely, waited for the perfect moment to propose to her. It took a bit of time, but he just couldn’t find that moment. Until Vanessa decided to go to a shelter and adopt a kitten. It was the moment Mike was waiting for.

An Unusual Proposal

At the beginning of 2021, Vanessa and Mike decided to get a pet. They went to the Animal Friends shelter in Pittsburgh and fell in love with a tiny kitty named Molly. When they went into a meeting room with Molly, Mike had a surprise. As soon as Vanessa sat down, he took the kitty in his hands, went down on one knee, and asked her to marry him.

Imagine her surprise! She said yes, of course, and yes, there was a ring. The whole situation was so cute that the shelter instantly shared pictures on their Facebook account. “They’re getting meowied!”, they wrote, and thousands of likes started pouring in.

They will remember this moment forever, and Molly will be there to remind them. It marked two big moments for the happy couple, and the adoption of a kitten who will also remember this for her whole life. May they all live happily ever after.