Ten Reasons That Will Change Your Mind About Cats – Who Says They’re Cold?

In the world of animals, cats are always seen as non-friendly and cold when compared to dogs. There will be plenty of people to disagree with that claim. Any cat owner knows that cats can be loving. They also possess unique skills and can be just as perfect as any other pet.

Below we have the top 10 reasons that will show you cats are all-around great guys. As you’ll see for yourself, they aren’t as cold as people think.

#1 They can always pretend to be a bunny when the situation demands it.

#2 They dance like there’s nobody watching

#3 They take care of their friends

#4 They will find that cute wallet you lost a year ago, ma’am!

#5 They mastered the art of seizing the day

#6 …and have no idea who ate all the whipped cream

#7 They can always make you smile

#8 They secretly write poetry

#9 And can blend in with their surroundings

#10 ’Puss in Boots’ was actually a documentary