The Cutest Thing You See Today is a Video of Cat and Squirrel BFFs

Looking for the cutest cat video you’ll see today? We have one that will surely melt your heart. It’s a video showing a pair of unusual best buds – a cat and a squirrel. While you don’t see cats hanging out with squirrels often, Tommy and Jack have become inseparable friends.

A Rescue Squirrel

The squirrel was saved by a pair, Will and Mell, who spotted it in their yard one day. They already had their cat Jack, and decided to get him a new best buddy. They weren’t sure how Jack would react, so they started slow. To their surprise, Jack was eager to meet Tommy, and in just a few days, they were running around all day long together.

Now, the cat and squirrel are inseparable. Wherever Jack goes, Tommy follows. Check out the video of the two BFFs below. We promise it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today. Plus, how many cat-squirrel friendships have you seen so far?