The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today – a Cat Brings Her Sick Kitten to a Hospital!

We all now that mother’s love knows no limits. That goes for both humans and animals. Mothers can cross oceans to save their children, and the latest proof of it comes from Turkey.

A video that recently went viral online in Turkey shows a cat bringing its sick kitten to a hospital. The event took place in Izmir’s Karabaglar district. A distraught cat walked with her kitten carrying her newborn in its mouth, seeking medical help.

The video shows the cat going through a crowd, frantically seeking for help. Luckily for her and the kitten, doctors took the newborn and examined it, learning that it suffered from an eye infection. A veterinary clinic was called for help, and they treated the poor kitty with eye drops before putting it into a box for recovery.

An Unusual Sight

A group of hospital nurses were surprised to find the cat clutching the kitten in her mouth and meowing first thing in the morning. It’s a good thing that she decided to take the cat to a hospital where it was treated for a potentially dangerous eye infection.

It’s another proof that a mother’s love knows no limits. Cats may not know what a hospital is, but they surely know how to ask for help when their kittens need it.