The Power of Love – Kitten with One Eye Finds a Loving Home

Deformed kittens and animals in general have it rough in life. They rarely get adopted with many people simply unable to get past the deformities. Every once in a while, though, we’re blessed with a story that gives such kittens a happy end. A couple of years ago, a kitten with 4 ears and 1 eye was found stuck under a house. Once pulled out, it was rushed to an Australian animal shelter where a surgery was performed to remove the deformed eye.

Called Frankenstein for obvious reasons, vets didn’t believe the kitten would survive. Even if it did, adoption was nearly out of the question. However, they should have never underestimated the power of love.

A Loving Home

One of the staffers at the Geelong Animal Welfare Society where Frankie was brought in took the kitty home to give him all the support it needs to heal. His son Arthur immediately become Frankie’s best friend. The boy didn’t mind the deformities and gave Frankie all the love he needs. They now spend full days together, not letting Frankie’s difficulties to get in the way.

He’s no on a road to recovery, although there are still some obstacles in the way. However, Frankie has found a warm, loving, and supportive home, and we’re sure that it’ll make a full recovery soon.