The Sydney Harbour Bridge Was a Home for Famous Cats in the Past

The beautiful country of Australia is famous for many reasons. There are plenty of iconic spots you should visit while in Australia. From opera houses to beautiful nature sightseeing tours, Australia is a gift that keeps on giving. Apparently, it’s a perfect place for cat fans too. As it was recently discovered, the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge was once home to some of the world’s most famous cats.

This happened way back in the 1950s. For about two decades, the bridge was home for a family of cats in the south-east pylon. Yvonne Rentoul cared for them after she leased the pylon from the Department of Main Roads years ago. She spent a lot of time dressing it up, making it one of Sydney’s best tourist attractions. She insisted it was not a museum, instead calling it an All Australian Exhibition.

The dioramas showed different aspect of life in the land down under. Cats were a big part of it and it was quite a successfully run business until 1942. The government reclaimed it to put an anti-aircraft gun during World War II to Rentoul’s dismay.

Some of the famous cats living there were Pylon and Bridget, white twins that never left their home. Mrs. Rentoul built a cattery for the occupants and also released a brochure that advertised the pylon as a tourist destination. Photographs from the spot reveal that the cats had quite a chill life. We can only hope that the pylon is once again inhabited by cats and made a tourist attraction because Mrs. Rentoul deserves it.