Thieving Cat Brings an Unexpected Surprise to Her Owner’s Home

We all know that cats love stealing stuff from other homes. They leave their home roaming neighborhoods, but can’t help stealing stuff from everyone. Keith the thief is a master of his trade. He has brought a variety of paraphernalia to his home, but despite the shenanigans, his parents David and Ginny Rumbold love him.

Still, it was very strange to see Keith bring a bag of white powder home from one of his walks recently. Ginny immediately disposed of the bag, worried that the drug paraphernalia might incriminate Keith. She’s now also concerned with the kind of company he keeps.

In the past, Keith has brought everything from bras to toys and even boots to his home. Ginny is always embarrassed about it, and leaves the items with a note on the doorsteps of their rightful owners. Keith has returned some items for a few times, which is even more embarrassing for his owners.

His exploits have not gone unnoticed by the police department. His parents have reported the bag of white powder and another item used to smoke marijuana to the authorities. Unfortunately, they can’t speak to the cat about it, but have warned him about the dangers of a druggie lifestyle.