This 30 lbs. Chunker is Looking for a New and Attentive Owner that Can Help Him Shed the Pounds

We all love seeing chunky cats, but to be honest, being so overweight is not cute, but a health problem. Many owners don’t realize this, feeding their pets all the time. They’re not like us and will rarely stop eating food when they feel full. It leads to overweight cats, a problem that’s much more common than you think.

Sterling is one such cat that needs a lot of love and attention to shed the 30 extra lbs. It was recently posted on a Michigan shelter’s Facebook page where the staff was looking for a home for him. They were asking for help to find a special adopter for Sterling that will help the kitty lose the extra pounds.

Tough Work Ahead

We can safely say that Sterling is adorable even with the extra weight. He’s pretty finicky when it comes to hygiene, but can’t lick himself clean due to the extra weight. He’s as curious as any other cat, but can’t jump and look out the window. In translation, Sterling needs a lot of help and attention.

The average domestic cat should weight around 10 lbs. Sterling is three times the size. He doesn’t have a waistline nor a ribcage all because of the excess weight. Whoever adopts the poor kitty will need to put him on a special diet and help with exercise as well. Are you that person? If you believe you can help Sterling become a normal cat again, contact the Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor, Michigan.