This Cat Isn’t a Big Fan of Toys Until He Gets a Tiny Jeep from His Friend

Internet, meet Frank the cat. This cute cat has always hated toys. It’s been like that his whole life, but that changed when he got a cute toy by his owner. Ben Vroomans met Frank when he was 2 years old and it changed his life. He immediately noticed that this isn’t your regular cat. However, Ben loved his shenanigans and decided to adopt him right away.

Frank didn’t even want to cuddle with his new owner back then. He just wanted to be left alone, sleeping in a corner of any room he was into. Bit by bit, his personality began to emerge. It took years, but they learned to love each other and are now inseparable buddies.

What Ben noticed from the start was that Frank wasn’t a big fan of toys. He found that strange, but one day, he decided to get a jeep for his cat. While he still couldn’t pick the cat, he made a connection with the cat who loves riding in the cardboard jeep. He may not be a toy-loving cat like others, but he loves the hell out of the green little jeep.

And we’re happy that Frank’s happy, hoping that he ends up playing with the jeep for years. He deserves it.