This Kitten Doesn’t Even Seem Real Until You Take A Closer Peek And Realize He Is

One one really believes that the kitten in the video you are about to see is real. In fact, he looks like some kind of strange animal that you’ve never seen before. At a distance, you might just think that there is an ‘animal’ playing with his owner, however, when you come closer, you will realize this is a rare cat breed called a Lykoi cat.

These unique cats are actually very rare! They also oftentimes called the Werewolf cat, which is a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired cat that was developed in Vonore, Tennessee. The missing coat on the Lykoi’s face gives the breed its werewolfish appearance. Lykoi is noted to be friendly and social in their behavior. They display an extremely high level of affection for their owners.

Although these gorgeous cats look like werewolves or something completely different than cats, the rare breed is indeed 100% real and actually very adorable. If you don’t believe, see for yourself in the clip below. Enjoy!