This Kitten Still Keeps Protecting His Brother After Rescued From Wildfires

Phoenix and Ash were two kittens that were rescued during the wild fires which took place in Concow, California. Phoenix was always close to his brother’s side, covering him as if he was shielding him from harm. These two adorable kittens were with their cat mom when they were found by rescuers, however, while the rescue team were approaching the wood burning stove they were hiding in, the mom cat ran away. The kittens were so terribly frightened and cold but yet, they managed to keep each other alive until help arrived.

The two were absolutely inseparable and would cry for each other when they weren’t together. Later on, they were bought to the Fieldhaven Feline Center by their rescuers where they treated and fed them. Phoenix had some burns on his paws and had lost all his whiskers, all through their terrible ordeal he had protected his brother and made sure he was unharmed. Now in the care of the rescue team, he could then finally relax and begin to heal himself. Throughout this horrible experience and at the rescue center, Phoenix never left his brother’s side.

They are hoping that soon the two will be reunited with their mother.