This Kitten Was Brought Back to Life With Love And Petting

Just A Little Bit of Love and Petting Brought this Street Kitten Back to Life

“Zaak and I found this kitten in the middle of the road when we were coming back from our bike ride today. I muted the beginning of the video because we were crying a lot. We thought we were about to watch her slowly die in pain,” said Gloraeanna.

Once Zaak started petting the wee one, things began to change.

“We sat with her for 10 minutes until we decided to move her to the side of the road. We waited but she only seemed to feel better, so we took her home and cleaned her up.”

The kitten became more responsive after being petted. She even started purring and meowing like a kitten would. The difference it made in such a short period of time was remarkable.

They taught the little kitten to drink from a bottle.

They are caring for the kitten around the clock, and she is healing and getting stronger each and every.

This is what love can do!