This Senior Cat Loves Nothing More than Taking Naps and Cuddling with Her Best Buddie

Baby is a 10-year old cat that’s living her twilight years as everyone should. The cat loves doing nothing more than taking naps and cuddling with her best buddy, a decorative rock. You read that right – Baby loves hanging out with her rock in the form of a cat and considers him her best buddy.

The senior cat was born without a tail, but that hasn’t impacted her life at all. She’s just like any other cat – she loves to sleep and lazy around, looking for new napping spots at home all day long. She loves taking naps in the backyard too, so there’s no place where she hasn’t put her head down.

A New Best Bud

A few months ago, Baby’s owners bought a decorative rock in the form of a cat. They love cats and found it cute, but couldn’t even imagine Baby would grow so fond of it. She loves it so much that not a day passes by without her cuddling with the rock outside. She sleeps by it every day, and ever since the pics went online, they’ve gone viral.

And who can blame people for liking that post? Just take a look at how much Baby loves her friend.