Tiny Kitten is Rescued from a Busy Road, Thanks His Savior by Curling and Purring on His Shoulder

No one likes to adopt a black cat. Out of all the cats in shelters, there’s a tiny percentage of adopters for black cats. Which is too bad if you ask us. Superstition is to blame, but these kitties don’t deserve it. They can be charming and playful as much as any other cat, and that’s been proven time and time again.

Recently, a man was driving back home from work when he spotted a black furball in the middle of a road. Cars were flying in from all directions, and it was clear that it needed help. He stopped his car and grabbed the kitten, taking it home.

The kitten was pretty afraid in the beginning which is understandable. However, after a few hours, it started to show its character. The man shared pics on social media showing it curled up on his shoulder. He says that it’s the kitten’s way of thanking him for giving her a second chance at life.

The post nearly went viral on the web, and a woman looking to adopt a kitty saw it. She wasted no time getting in touch with the kitty’s rescuer. The woman got the kitten on the second anniversary for her adopted son, marking a beautiful occasion with another rescue.

We’re glad that there are still people with kind hearts in this cold world. Acts like this one are not appreciated enough. We’re sure that the woman and her adopted son and kitten have the time of their life every day.