Tripod Kitten Gets Adopted, Wins the Hearts of Its New Family and Blossoms into a Handsome Cat

Some kittens really deserve better from life. Unfortunately, due to injuries or other factors, they are born with deformities. This also means that rarely anyone will adopt a cat like that, but some people have a heart as big as a mountain.

Winston the kitten was brought to the Nashville Cat Rescue when he was only a few weeks old with a nasty leg injury. To save his life, the vets had no other option than to amputate his leg. The poor kitten was thrown from a fast-moving car, and that injury almost cost it its life. Multiple procedures were required so the kitten can lead a good life. It was a long road to recovery, but luckily, a couple volunteered to help.

Bryan and Jamie Adams already had a tripod cat before. Timmy unfortunately passed a few months earlier, and when they heard about Winston, they were overjoyed. They knew exactly what kind of help he needed, and didn’t hesitate to get him home. But, before that, they encouraged the cat with a few cuddles and kind words before surgery. When he was ready for discharge, they took him home.

A few months later and this warrior kitty never gives up. He’s still recovering, but making strides every day. Winston has a new family now and two great buddies in Shiner the dog and Maggie and Fuzzy Pete – the cats.

The kitten was bent on living life to the fullest. It didn’t take long for Winston to figure out how to walk and even jump. He wasn’t gonna let the lack of a tail and leg stop it. With the help of his supportive mom and dad, he’ll have a great life, and we’re happy for it.