Werewolf Logan’s Story Inspires Family to Help Their Beloved Feral Feline

Have you heard the story about the feral werewolf cat that made the rounds on Cat Man Chris’ post online? It went viral in just a couple of hours, showing an amazing rescue story that’s supposed to inspired others. More and more cats are ending up on the street needing our help, and no matter how great some people intentions are, a single organization can’t save all the cats in the world.

We all need to help and fight this problem, and Logan’s story was more than enough for one family to spring into action. The family from Sparta, New Jersey, saved a feral cat six years ago on a cold December night. They saw a stray running in the direction of their garage and knew that the cat is in big trouble. It was hungry and very feral, not to mention cold in the freezing night outside. Over the next few days, they continued feeding it and noticed that it has a clipped ear.

To help the cat, the husband built a custom and insulated house for the poor cat. He put a heated pad on the floor and gave it plenty of food and water. However, the cat ate the food but never stayed in – it slept elsewhere. The family was eager to help protect it from the cold, and it built another house in the front of the yard. With two shelters and plenty of food, the cat was living the good life.

It took years for them to have contact, but it kind of warmed up to the family. Last year, the cat started limping. The family wanted to help, but they never got close. It was a problem with his toes which they later identified as ingrown toenails. After setting up a humane trap and taking the cat to the vet, the problem was quickly resolved. They took a big dog box from the vet and put her in, and in the following weeks, she slept there, ate, and let them clean the box.

It was finally not so feral anymore, and eventually became the family’s new pet. They named her Kiki and she’s living the best life. She’s now the Queen of the house, running around happily, years removed from her feral past.