Wobbly Kitten Runs Around After Realizing It Was Saved From Certain Death

The kitten you can see in the video and pics is not an actual bobblehead, but it truly looks like one. It wobbles its head while running around being over the moon because he’s been found. The tuxedo-like kitten was saved from the street by the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Massachusetts earlier this year. He was brought to the clinic after the kitten was seen shaking its head in a busy parking lot.

The shelter’s founder, Tara Key, received a text message by people who found the kitten in the parking lot. They specialize in such trauma and the kitten was immediately checked by the vets. It turned out that it suffered from a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia, which is the reason why it bobs his head.

Non-Progressive Condition

Luckily, the condition is non-progressive, so the kitten is as healthy as others his age. This is a mild case of CH and the cute head bob is actually fun. Otherwise, the kitten called Ernest is healthy, playful, and very smart too. He was introduced to a piggy toy in the shelter and it instantly became his best friend.

He can get feisty for a small kitten, but that’s actually a good thing. It shows that Ernest is not that affected by the condition and that he can take care after himself.

It didn’t take long after a video and picks of Ernest were posted online to find him a new home. He now gets the love and attention he needs and is blossoming into a healthy and great kitten. We love the fact that this tuxedo bobblehead thrives and we hope he has a long and happy life.