10+ Pics Proving That Cats Are The Cutest Animals On Earth!

The very reasons why all of us get a cat in the first place may vary, but one thing is for sure – cats are the most adorable creatures walking the face of the planet. Their playful yet sometimes aloof behaviors can be super entertaining. Apart from all of that, there are also scientifically proven benefits of owning a cat. Those include: stress relief, mental illness support, pest control, and even more. However, let’s not dwell on any of that clinical stuff here today.

Right now, we just want to show you a compilation of extremely cute cats just being their cute selves.

We hope these amazing photos will somehow encourage you to adopt a kitty if you don’t already have one – or ten!

#1 Soccer mom and her child.

#2 Hiding from the sun. #

#3 Morning stretch.

#4 “My bed.”

#5 Blep.

#6 Rub me to sleep.

#7 Catbowl.

#8 Family time.

#9 “Help me!”

#10 Belly exposed.

#11 When you meet people for the first time and are very shy.

#12 Notice me!