10 Pictures Proving That Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

If there’s one thing that cats know how to do, it’s pushing over  expensive knickknacks and do-dads off tables and counters. It’s also a known fact that cats are good at falling asleep in the most unlikely and unusual places.

Generally, most cats sleep or nap for about 16 hours each and every day. And so, to make sure they get all the beauty sleep they want but certainly don’t nee, cats seem to be prone to dozing in some of the most uncomfortable and downright unusual spots. Be sure to check out the 10 photos just below for the proof.

#1 The cat-grass is growing in very nicely…

#2 This is the face of a complete angel

#3 Napping can be a team sport

#4 This is probably a wee bit unfair for the first kitten

#5 Here’s a one pocket-sized snoozer

#6 Someone fell asleep while he was birdwatching

#7 A cute, subtle little way of saying “that’s enough work for today”

#8 When you’re just barely ‘hanging out there’

#9 “This bed is just my size!”

#10 It’s may not be too comfy, but heck – it’s warm!