15 Tasty Cats That Look Just Like Foods

Cats are truly the masters of sleeping just about anytime and anywhere. And, to make things even more interesting and awesome, they sometimes love to sleep or sit in various positions where they actually look a lot like food.

1. A rotisserie chicken!

2. The orange!

3. A cinnamon bun!

4. Kiwi!

5. A Cat-ssant

6. Some melted mozzarella

7. A cat burrito wrap

8. This cat looks just like the one on the treat bag

9. An Oreo donut!

10. This cat looks like a real yummy snack!.

11. “My cat is sleeping between my legs and then this happened”

12. A roasted marshmallow!

13. A loaf of bread and butter!

14. Dessert is now being served.

15. A baked potato!