The Funniest Working Cats (Gallery)

Although dogs are considered the only animals that can hold jobs, that’s certainly not true. You might not believe it, but cats are good, honest workers too. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!
Cats can be helpful – from helping out during garage sales to keeping mice away from their home, their efforts should be praised.

1. Check out this nursing cat

After surviving a strong case of inflammation, this shelter cat now lives to keep other sick animals company.

2. Felix the mousekeeper

This Iceland cat has been working this important job for years.

3. Browser the librarian

At least it keeps rats away…

4. Dixie the tow truck driver

Yet, apparently cats are now stealing tow truck driver jobs.


Fresh from the…well, not K9 division.

6. A cat scan assistant

7. Not exactly thrilled to work at a nursing home, but it pays the bills

8. “Dirt” always looks like he needs a bath, but that’s because he’s a railway worker

9. This cat is a great marketer!

10. A cat security guard