Does My Cat Seriously Hate Me?

Although they can certainly be cute, let’s say it like it is. Cats most often look and even act like they hate us and plot domination of the human race. Just take a look at this kitty. Her owner loves her from the bottom of her heart, but she still has that “HANDS OFF, HOOMAN!!!” vibe. She looks at her owner like she’s her worst enemy.

It all started innocently and the owner thought it was very cute. It didn’t take long, though, before things turned ugly. The cat started invading her personal space first, then moved on to worse things.

Bit by bit, the devilish cat has slowly ‘ruined’ this poor woman’s life and took over the home. Her foul intentions finally bore fruit!

Like that wasn’t already too much, she brought a tiny little devil to the world and the offspring’s intentions are pretty clear as well.

Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself – should the owner fear for her life?

#1 Hands off, hooman!

#2 I sees everything

#3 This mine now!

#4 I work, you starve

#5 Permission denied!

#6 The devil offspring

#7 Fear for your life, you fool!

#8 And the student becomes the master