These Unflattering Pet Photos Will Make Your Day

Do you take pictures of your cat or dog? Yeah, we all love our pets so much and don’t miss a chance to take a pic of them (or a selfie that might go either way with cats). Sometimes, the pics are adorable. Other times, however, the results aren’t that good.

In some cases, we take hilarious pictures of our pet that will most likely end up online and probably went viral. Ah, if only your pet could learn you’re making fun of it…

Of course, we love our pets even in their awkward moments. Heck, we even love them more that way! Even when they look ugly or weird, we never stop loving them, and that’s how it should be.

Take a look at these animals. Their pics are hysterically unflattering, but they also look cute in a way. Enjoy the slideshow!

1. Not exactly the most flattering angle for this cat. And yes, it was taken during bath time.

2. No, cats don’t like hats. Don’t even try putting one on your pet.

3. Happy birthday, pup! Don’t show him that pic, though.

4. Here’s an impressive portrait of a terrifying monster (not really, it’s a pug caught at the wrong moment).

5. Look at this good boy. He’s clearly given up on life after that last bath. Damn humans!

6. What the heck is going on here?! How did this happen?!

7. Unflattering, but still sweet. Good boy!

8. Monsters and Halloween decorations make for a great pic!

9. This pup is tiny, but deadly.

10. Plotting on world domination? At least that’s what this cat looks like while laughing like a maniac!