10+ Photos That Prove Animals Are People in “Fur Coats”

What’s the main difference between us humans and other animals? We bet you’re thinking complex reasoning, right? Yes, of course, we can speak and do intelligent (and not so intelligent) stuff better than many animals species including felines. However, once you get a good look at the pictures below, you’ll see that humans and cats are not that different after all.
You see, all animals are like us, but much funnier. Here, have a laugh:

1. Even went to a party with a friend where everyone is a stranger?

2. When you look pretty for a selfie

3. When you’re so tired that you can fall asleep anywhere

4. Here’s what you look like when you try to impress someone you like (pro tip: it doesn’t look great)

5. We all look like this before our cup of morning Joe

6. When you run out of air running after the bus

7. When you’re both hungry but can’t decide what to eat

8. Going to work during rush hours be like:

9. Trying out a new style

10. When you plot on how to get your favorite seat back

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