Rescued Kitten Thinks She’s a Ferret

The tiny kitten you see in the pictures below was found abandoned in a box only 5 weeks old. Luckily, a family was able to save the kitten from certain death. They named it Komari and took it home with their other pets – a family of ferrets. Five ferrets gave the kitten all the love and attention it needed and the kitten was nursed back to health pretty quickly. However, after a while, Komari began acting just like her new best buddies.

As soon as it got comfortable around the ferrets, she started acting like its new brothers and sisters. They got along great, playing around all day long. Komari grew into a beautiful and great-looking kitty with only one problem – it acts just like a ferret. Not that its owners mind – after all, they’re best friends for life.

Take a look at how Komari the ferret cat spends its days:

Komari 1

The family took her home where they already had 5 pets.

Komari 2

The kitten immediately started to get along well with five ferrets.

Komari 3

The Ferrets instantly accepted her as one of the family

Komari 5

The kitten, now named Komari was now on the road to recovery

The kitten is perfectly normal now, except it thinks it’s a ferret too!

She now spends all her time with her adopted brothers

Soon, Komari started to act just like her ferret brothers

They have lots of fun together

And chilling together, just like real families do