Rescue Kitty With 4 Ears And One Eye Escapes Misery After Finding His Forever Home

The cute guy you can see in the pictures is called Frankie. Short for Frankenkitten, he’s a unique kitty. Frankie has 4 ears and misses an eye, but he’s just like any other cat in other ways. Frankie acts as a normal cat and has adapted to his new situation admirably. Of course, his loving family is there to help when he needs it.

Frankenkitten 1

Frankie was found along with another sibling under a suburban house. The kitten was born with 4 ears to a feral mother. The homeowners took Frankenkitten and his brother in to give them shelter and allow them to socialize, with a view of rehoming them later on.

Frankenkitten 2

His 2 pairs of ears are the first thing people see in Frankie. The kitten’s face is quite angular due to his overbite. Frankie wasn’t born with one eye. However, one of his eyes ruptured and it needed to be removed. That’s not where Frankie’s health problems end – his hind legs and knees are out of place, so he walks a bit unusual.

Frankenkitten 3

Frankie’s lower canines were piercing the roof of his mouth, so that was taken care of surgically. His knees were operated on as well, so Frankie’s much more stable now. Removing the eye effectively saved Frankie’s life. The infection in the eye might have killed the kitten, so vets acted fast.


Frankie’s life was surely rough, but his sweet demeanor and cute character was what made everyone love him. Even though he looks like another creature, Frankie’s just like any other cat. Just a few hours spent with him will show you that he’s quite a special cat, and it’s not just because of the appearance.

Of course, the physical problems affect his every day life. Frankie can’t hear properly due to the second pair of ears muffing sound, and his night vision is not that good since he’s missing an eye. His mouth is another big problem as he can’t seem to get a grasp of wet food. Frankie’s on a dry-food diet and has learned how to eat kibble in just a short time.

Frankie loves nothing more than to cuddle with his owners and sleep all day long. He loves to play with toys as well, so he’s obviously not letting the physical disabilities ruin his life. He’s quite annoying as well – at least for his siblings and the dogs. In the words of everyone who knows Frankie, he’s quite “cheeky”.

Of course, they don’t let him outside as he’ll surely run into problems. Thanks to his character, though, Frankenkitten is living proof that beauty lies within.