Kitten Loses Its Ears, but Her Momma Makes Her New Ones

In 2018, a cute tiny black-and-white kitten was brought to the Humane Society in Silicon Valley. Shockingly, the poor soul had her ears and part of her tail cut off. It’s really amazing that the kitten survived that horrifying experience, which will surely leave deep emotional scars.

Luckily, the vets managed to close the wounds and they eventually healed. In the beginning, the little kitten was understandably scared of everything and everyone. It didn’t let anyone near. The staff at the Humane Society named the kitty Karma and weren’t going to give up on her.

The first thing they did was try and rebuild Karma’s trust in humans. Karma needed a foster home with lots of love and support so she could live a normal life again. Thankfully, her new foster mom provided that and even more.

As soon as she was brought home, Karma’s mom noticed that the kitten loves toys. So, she used them to bond with the poor kitty. It took some time, but Karma and her new foster mom eventually bonded nicely. When the kitten was completely relaxed, her foster mom decided to make a new pair of ears for her. She knit a cute pink-and-white cap with ears and to her surprise, Karma loved them!

Although the kitten had a rough start to life, she’s looking forward to the future, now with a new pair of ears. Karma has been recently put up for adoption and it took days for her to find a new forever home. Of course, her new mom got her along with the replaceable set of ears.

Karma’s horrifying story had a happy end, but other cats aren’t that lucky. We just hope that the police will eventually find the culprit who thought that cutting off a kitten’s tail and ears is normal. Disgusting!