Kitten With Four Ears Nicknamed ‘Frankenkitten’

Recently, rescuers saved two kittens in one Melbourne suburb and the story caught the attention of the public. Many of you might be wondering why – after all, rescuers save hundreds of kittens every week and we don’t see all of in the news.

However, one of the kittens was very special – as soon as it was taken from under the house they were hiding, the rescuers were shocked to learn that the kitten was born with two pairs of ears as well as a deformed eye! It was immediately brought to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society, where vets planned on removing his deformed eye.

After hearing about the special kitten, a volunteer named Georgia Anderson immediately went to the clinic. The complex eye surgery left stitches all over the poor kitty’s face, so the vets named him Frankenkitten. Frankie went through hell from an early age, but he still had a sweet character.

Georgia decided to foster Frankie after the surgery in her home. Shortly after getting him home, Frankie hit it off with her other cats and children and she knew that she would keep him. After only one day, she adopted the kitten no one gave chances.

Of course, she waited for the mandatory 8-day period before adopting Frankie. She officially become Frankie’s mom 8 days after bringing it home and now he’s enjoying the company of 3 cats and a lovely beagle. Frankie has a great personality and is doing well, but still needs attention due to his double pair of ears.

At the moment, Frankie is waiting for his adult teeth to grow. Once they do, they will need to be removed as they may harm his palate when he opens and closes his mouth. Even with all his problems, Georgia and the other cats adore him, so we can safely say they’re really a match made in heaven.