A “Poop Explosion” Makes Kitten Overnight Sensation

When a teeny tiny 3-week old foster kitten had a little accident, her foster mama, Amber Nadinic, simply knew she had to step in and help.

This is Sansa the foster kitten!

Amber has been fostering kittens for roughly about a year now with Pets Haven Rescue in Woodend, Australia. One of her more recent broods of five are all named after Game of Thrones characters; Jon, Hodor, Arya, Brienne and of course Sansa. Sadly, all of these wee ones were abandoned by their mama.

After Sansa had her unfortunate ‘accident’, Amber posted this on Instagram:

“When there’s been a poop explosion”

“I thought long & hard about posting this after all the drama from the last kitten bath I posted, but this is what fostering orphan kittens can be like. This little sweetheart had a major poop explosion and she has no Cat mama to clean her up. I was not going to let her stay covered in 💩 (look at the colour of the water). The water is nice & warm, once Sansa’s bottom was clean, she was completely dried before going back to her siblings where they have hot water bottles and nice fluffy blankets to sleep in. And as you can tell, she appreciates being clean again.”

Amber had absolutely no idea that the video she posted on Instagram would go completely viral.

This is some funny stuff! Enjoy!


You can see more of Amber’s foster kittens on Instagram