An Unlikely Friendship: Cat and Lynx Become Inseparable at Russian Zoo

Unusual Animal Companionship in Saint Petersburg

At the Leningrad Zoo, Saint Petersburg, Russia, a remarkable friendship has blossomed. This unlikely bond is between a domestic cat and a lynx, who’ve become inseparable companions.

The Introduction of a Stray Kitten

In 2007, zookeepers decided to introduce a stray kitten to the lynx with the hope of providing companionship. They were uncertain about how these two diverse felines would interact. To their surprise, this uncertain introduction unfolded into an inseparable bond.

Budding Friendship between Dusya and Linda

The two felines, Dusya, the stray cat, and Linda, the European Lynx, have formed a remarkable friendship. This connection was evident as the duo frequently engaged in adorable activities such as snuggling and grooming each other.

Growing Up Together: From Kittens to Full-Grown Felines

Dusya and Linda, initially brought together at just 6 weeks old, are now full-grown, yet their bond remains stronger than ever. The once stray kitten and her lynx companion continue to charm visitors with their endearing interactions and inseparable friendship.

This tale of an uncommon animal bond between a domestic cat and a European Lynx showcases the potential of interspecies friendships, bringing a heartwarming narrative to the bustling Leningrad Zoo.