Kitty Found Stuck In Snow, Clings to Rescuer’s Shoulder and Won’t Let Go

This lucky kitty met his hero in shining armor on the night of a full moon. Officer Matt Froseith rescued him when the poor thing was stuck in a ditch buried in three feet of snow. Matt just knew he would have to get the little kitty to a vet as quickly as possible if he had any chance of survival. So he alerted his entire dispatch team and rushed him to the vet.

The police department then decided to post pics of their officer with the kitty in case someone would claim him. However, this kitty didn’t want to be with anyone but his rescuer. This lucky fur-ball knew just what he needed and that was Officer Matt! This adorable kitty was constantly climbing onto his shoulder or curling up in his hands. After some thought, Matt gave in to those cute brown eyes and decided, in the end, to adopt him.

The kind-hearted officer decided to name the kitty Donut and is now officially part of this kind man’s family.