Dog Sees Cat Drowning, Jumps In To Save Its Life

Cats and dogs are mortal enemies. That’s we all know for a fact. However, it’s time to get our facts straight. Although they do seem to not be able to stand each other, cats and dogs are not the enemies you think of. As a matter of fact, they’re ready to help each other when in need, and this video is proof of it.

Dog Sees Cat Drowning, Jumps In To Save Its Life 1

Although there are many videos that prove it, the latest one goes beyond a shadow of a doubt. In it, a dog sees a cat drowning and calling for help and it immediately jumps in the river to save its life!

A Dog’s Heroic Act

The video was posted by a woman from Turkey. A cat is obviously in trouble after somehow falling in deep water. It’s obviously terrified and calling for help, yet there’s no one to jump in. That is until the dog arrives. The pooch obviously heard the cat’s cries and decided to do something about it.

Dog Sees Cat Drowning, Jumps In To Save Its Life 2

The poor cat was barely clinging for her life on a structure in the pond. Realizing how serious the situation is, the dog paces back and forth trying to find a way to help it. He puts the face up to the cat and gets clawed, yet it doesn’t faze him at all. After a short time, the pooch realizes he must jump in to save the cat.

That’s what it does – it goes bravely in the water, swims underneath the cat, then lifts it up on his back. The terrified cat plays along and is finally on dry land. But, the dog is now obviously tired trying to get out. He fails repeatedly, but he eventually pulls himself out of the water.

They both run to safety in the end. The video, which went viral pretty quickly, received a lot of negative feedback but not about the dog’s heroic act, of course. Everyone wonders why the woman behind the camera hasn’t done anything to help. As it seems, dogs are smarter and better than us. Instead of helping the cat survive, she took out her phone and filmed. It’s a damn shame for the woman and a thumbs up for the dog.