14-Year-Old Cat Asks Woman To Adopt Her After Being Surrendered At Shelter

When people who have cats are no longer care for their pets because of financial, behavioral or other reason, they will oftentimes surrender the pet to an animal shelter for it to be re-homed. Sadly, though, most people gravitate toward adopting kittens and younger cats.

Miss Molly cat

It’s because of this sad fact that senior cats, in general, are less likely to get adopted. They often live out the rest of their lives in animal shelters. Many of them are just euthanized after a period of time.

cat with blue eyes

These cats may be elderly but that doesn’t mean they can’t give someone love and affection. Take for example, Miss Molly’s story. We’re quite sure you’ll be very inspired by this 14-year old fur-baby who was, as many others are – ‘surrendered.’

persian cat sleeping

When Molly’s owner came down with various health issues, she took her cat to the Animal Rescue League of Boston at the Cape Cod Branch. As you can imagine, It was extremely difficult for the kitty to adjust to her new environment.

14 years old cat

Thankfully, though, a wonderful woman by the name of Olivia decided to give Molly the second chance she desperately needed and deserved.

Despite the fact that Miss Molly was showing early signs of kidney disease, Olivia still decided to take her home and care for her. She simply didn’t want poor Miss Molly to spend the remainder of her golden years at some shelter.