Woman Posts A Story About Adopting A Cat Named After A Breakfast Sandwich

If you own a pet, you know that they make our life better. Pets are funny, can help us cope in difficult moments, and according to studies you should take with a pinch of salt, they can lower stress and reduce our cholesterol levels. The bond we share with our pets is strong and definitely has positive effects on our health. This goes especially for people who have saved a pet from a shelter. That’s certainly the case with a pharmacy student called Sarah who adopted a cat recently and it managed to change her life for the better.

One day, Sarah went to a shelter to see a cat called Jimmy Dean – yes, like the breakfast sandwich. The cat instantly fell in love with Sarah, purring on her lap and asking for pets. Sarah knew that she found a buddy for life and posted about it online. Little did she know that her post would soon go viral.

People went crazy about the post, asking for constant updates. Sarah didn’t expect such response and soon said that Jimmy was doing great. In fact, he was spoiled non-stop, just like a rescued cat should be. Sarah and Jimmy recently celebrated their first anniversary and she’s now constantly posting updates about their life together on Tumblr to the delight of their fans. What a cute couple, don’t you agree?