These Animals Take Better Selfies Than You

We all love selfies and the likes they get on social media. However, there’s one problem – you have to take 100 to get one right. There’s just no way to get a perfect selfie – it’s either the lips, hair, eyes or whatnot else to ruin your day. These animals, however, don’t have that kind of problem. They pose better than you and they get it right on the first shot.

These animals are true selfie kings and queens. As soon as their selfies appeared on social media, they immediately went viral and with good reasons. Enjoy a collection of animals who are better than selfies than you:

— 1 — This smile will get thousands of likes, we know it!

— 2 — A wink and a smile are very hard to pull off, but this kitten sure did it!

— 3 — He wants to know if you like his picture…

— 4 — When you’re in a happy relationship:

— 5 — It has a big smile because it knows the camera loves it!

— 6 — A nice family photo

— 7 — There’s always that one friend who sticks their tongue out in pictures!

— 8 — Best buddies posing together

— 9 — Doug the Pug on vacation in L.A.

— 10 — A model is a model even when she’s resting…

— 11 — “Oh, there’s a camera…act

— 12 — “Draw me like one of your French girls…”

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