10 Photos Of Animals Who Are Genetically Amazing!

Within the animal kingdom, there truly are some very unique animals whose features go far beyond the normal genetic deviations.

You may see dogs who have two different eye colors or cats that have unique splashes of color making them truly stand out from all the others rest. All of these examples are the result of genetic mutations.

Here are just 10 amazing examples of what we’re talking about!

#1. The bearded cat

#2. Is that a wig?

#3. Mother of Dragons, who just so happens to have a mustache

#4. A beautiful green-eyed angel

#5. You might want to admire this one from afar!

#6. Very majestic dogs

#7. These eyes hold the entire world

#8. Foxes can come in various colors.

#9. This is one of the fluffiest cats we have ever seen!

#10. These two siblings are just too gorgeous.