Cats Are Shameless Creatures Who Believe They Rule Our Worlds! Here’s The Proof!

Most cat people have their pets for companionship because these adorable fluffy little creatures can boost our moods with sweet hugs and their many other cute behaviors. On the other hand, everyone who has a cat certainly knows one thing: our kitties own everything. Our pet cats own the house, their humans and everything else around them.

As the pet parent of an adorable meow-meow, none of us can deny our cat thinks she or he is the boss. Whatever mishief they get into though, we know so well that it’s just impossible to be and stay mad at our precious little furries. In the images you will see below, these shameless cats in particular believe they are the true kings and queens of their homes. Be sure to scroll all the way down and let us know which one is your favorite in a comment!

1. “Hey internet company, I’m begging you to forget all those angry calls to tech support. I finally did figure out what was wrong with my router.”

2. “I couldn’t understand why the fabric felt wet but he’s got the thread running through his teeth as I sew — that’s my cat, cleaning his teeth while I’m busy with work.”

3. “My friend’s cat enjoys sitting on her head — literally.”

4. When you want to stroke you “cute, furry king” but he is not in the mood:

5. “That backless plastic stool is all yours, Hooman!”

6. “Stood on the dryer, threw the wreath down, made a bed, and now just purring away.”

7. “Every morning he blocks the door and only moves away when you throw him a couple of treats.”

8. “WHY??”

9. “Oh, were you planning to cook something in this?”

10. “Catzilla! Messi completely photobombed my friend’s bridal pics!”

11. “My cat doesn’t like to be hugged.”

12. “Back at the house…”

13. “Each and every time I try to play the Sims…”

14. “My cat absolutely loves to shred toilet paper. Today, she discovered my entire stash.”

15. “My cat Tauntaun turns into a big jerk when I try to sleep.”

16. “My cat has the entire house to sit in, yet settled for a plate of glitter cones.”

17. “Don’t put the blame on me! It was like this when I got here. ”

18. So that’s what this particular shelf in the fridge is for!

19. Even the snow won’t stop you when you’re hungry!

20. “I’m fairly certain that my cats are planning to kill me.”