15 Cats That Can Make You Smile And Angry All At Once!

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t tame cats and make them do what you want. Kitties have a life of their own and they’re in no mood of being told what to do.

Here’s a list of pics which show that cats live on no one’s terms. We’re sure that some will make you smile, but others will definitely make you angry!

1. When you get a cat, you need to accept that you’re not living on your own anymore. A cat can and will invade your personal space whenever they want to.

2. Your kitten decides if she needs to pass over the table – you don’t have a say in it.

3. Thought you’re finally alone? Think again!

4. Your cat missing? Or is it in some corner of your home it wasn’t allowed in?

5. There’s absolutely no object cats can’t fit in!

6. No, cats really don’t like to take selfies. Or be in pictures for that matter.

7. If your cat can’t play with it, you’re not allowed to play as well.

8. Think you can stop your kitty? You’re crazy – they’re always going to find a solution.

9. Ordered a pizza without asking? You won’t do it again, right?

10. Who are you to tell me I don’t belong here?!

11. Here’s a kitty who knows what her human wants to avoid.

12. You can’t have plants and cats in your home together – you need to pick a side.

13. Kitties don’t need your permission for anything – remember that!

14. I don’t have any idea where the dog food is – look for it somewhere else.

15. Hey, I’m allowed to have some fun, right?