15 Grumpy Cats That Will Leave You Laughing

We all know that cats are grumpy and surely not easy to handle. If you’ve even owned one or know somebody that does (and you surely do), you know how grumpy and dangerous they can be.

If they’re not happy at the moment, even playing with your cat can leave a few nasty scratches on your arms and although that’s the reason why some people prefer dogs, cat lovers love their felines for it.

Here’s a list of some pretty grumpy kittens:

1. This one’s grumpy as it knows humans don’t understand that even cats need help sometimes. Is it supposed to open up and eat the watermelon on its own?


3. This kitten doesn’t understand why humans need to take pictures and upload them on social media all day long. Does everything need to end on Instagram?

4. How long do I have to wait, human? I need to be dried!

5. It’ll take a lot of work to impress this grumpy cat, wouldn’t you say?

6. I’m angry and need to be left alone human!

7. Do I have to remind you 20 times per day?! Stupid human!

8. Go home, I don’t need you anymore – I found the way on my own!

9. It seems like this kitten’s not in the mood, so it’s better to leave it alone.

10. Leave this area at once – I’m sleepy and grumpy and don’t need you right now!

11. I do everything to make you happy and you rarely return the favor!

12. Why aren’t we allowed to get out and play whenever we want to? We are grown and can take care of ourselves!

13. Take a look at this “lion” – it’s ready to attack, so get out of its way!

14. Human, that food needs to be in my mouth right now!

15. Leave me be human – I’m tired of you right now.